4 Office Furniture Pieces that help with Productivity

Rongfu 2016-12-20

Repetition, every day you get up, you go to work, you come home. Yes, it can get boring and boredom leads to employees whom are less engaged. If the focus is down then most likely the rate of productivity for all employees is down as well, from the top dogs to the interns. The question of the hour, how do you stop this from happening?
Perhaps it is time to create an alternative work environment. Companies are starting to move from the traditional office setup and move towards a more creative arrangement of office space. There is a reason this has become a hot trend, ready to see what works? Compiled here are 4 office pieces which can be purchased from our Partners that will revolutionize the design of your office space.
Sit/Stand Desks
Employee satisfaction and maximum productivity go hand in hand when it comes to the workforces environment. One of the most popular up and coming item within the office furniture department is the sit/stand desk. This desk allows for the user to move from either sitting or standing positions while working. This style desk allows the employee to divide time between both positions thus promoting blood-flow and even burn calories while you work! A two for one!
Counter-Stool Office Chairs
Office chairs of this height provide the perfect complement to a previously talked about sit/stand desk. These chairs allow for height adjustment for those who like to move around the office for different or even temporary work areas. With this chair, the areas you can place your chair around the office are endless.
Modular Concepts – Dual Desks
Modular desks like the one featured foster the idea of community. Keep your employees from reaching that boredom level with the option to bounce ideas of the individual whom they are sharing a desk with.
Collaborative Desking Systems
Like the idea of your employees having free reign to discuss work, creative ideas, and reduce running around the office? Many companies are removing the old cubicle set-up for a more alternative, creative workstation.
Want more options?
With over 150 manufacturers of office furniture both new and refurbished, we should be able to help you out in any office furniture concerns you might have.