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Rongfu 2016-07-16

Model ID: RF-TB1004

1. with backrest, lifting function.
2. high quality durable nylon rollers, sturdy, not to hurt the floor.
3. The use of high-quality pneumatic lift, nylon five-star foot, solid degree much improved.
4, the version is compact, elegant design lines, all parts are convex, high-density foam flexible, sit feeling good.
5, high-quality hardware accessories, durable. Easy to stick dust, easy dirty, scrub clean easy to get!

Quality mesh back seat, breathable, high elastic connotation stereotypes sponge, good flexibility; backrest ergonomically designed to relieve back discomfort sedentary. Has a small novel, ride comfort features, and beautiful styling, the majority of enterprises, institutions and computer enthusiasts favorite friends!

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